Þakgil (Roof Canyon) is a beautiful and well-hidden canyon in southern Iceland. It’s one of those places where an encounter with elves is not only possible but also likely. Moreover, you can reach this place even with a 2WD vehicle, making it one of the spots where you can experience the true Icelandic interior with just a small car.

Even while driving here from the crowded south, you’ll find yourself thinking that the journey is the destination.

Þakgil is located 22 kilometers northeast of the town of Vík í Mýrdal. About 4 kilometers east of Vík, the road 214 (Kerlingardalsvegur) into the interior begins. Follow this road, and after 18 beautiful kilometers, you will arrive.

Although Þakgil is lovely, it is not very long, and a walk through it won’t take more than an hour. If you are in the mood for a longer walk through a canyon, the nearby Remundargil Canyon is a good option.