Kirkjufellsfoss (Kirkjufoss)

The Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, perhaps more commonly known as Kirkjufoss, might not be among the most photographed waterfalls in Iceland on its own. However, it’s the proximity to Kirkjufell – the most photographed mountain in Iceland – that has brought the waterfall its name and fame. Hundreds, and in peak season likely thousands, of photographers visit daily to capture this waterfall with Kirkjufell in the background. Additionally, at least as many people come just to see it. It’s simply one of the many places in Iceland where you’ll probably never be alone. This is especially true since the mountain gained even more fame from the series Game of Thrones.

You can find Kirkjufellsfoss on the northern coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, just a few kilometers west of the town of Grundarfjörður. There is a newly built large parking lot in the area.