KEF – Keflavík International Airport

Keflavík international airport is the entrance point to Iceland for 95% of people coming to Iceland. In Iceland, alcohol is quite pricey, but if you want to drink something here, you can buy some bottles in the arrival hall.

How to get to the KEF – Keflavík international airport from Reykjavík (and vice versa):

Keflavík international airport is located on the north western part of the Reykjanes peninsula approx. 50 kilometers (35 miles) west of Reykjavík. 

There is a bunch of options on how to get From Reykjavík to the KEFlavík airport.

From Reykjavík to Keflavík by public transport:

The cheapest option is to take the bus nr. 55 of the icelandic transport company Strætó. Apart to the relatively cheap price is that you can reach almost any point in Reykjavík. The disadvantage is relatively less common timetable, the travel time and that you have to change in Hafnarfjörður during the weekend days.

The price is 1.410 ISK to the BSÍ terminal (or with extra 470 for the Reykjavík ride). You can check the time table here.

Direct bus connection to and from the Keflavík international airport:

There are several companies offering a commuter bus connection between the city of Reykjavík and the Keflavík international airport. Unlike the line 55 (above) these buses offers a direct transport with no extra stops so you are in the city in 30 minutes. On the other side, these buses are a bit more expensive (so in some cases, just the direct bus from the airport to Reykjavík can be more, than you flight ticket here to the airport).

You can choose from the companies Reykjavík Excursions, Grey Line and/or Airport Direct. The price difference is none or minimal, so you can choose the one that goes earlier. There is one extra you can add and that is the following transport to several hubs in Reykjavík. Just one notice to Airport Direct (the yellow ones), they´d take you to their terminal which is about 1 kilometer from the BSÍ terminal. Just take it into consideration in case you do not plan to go with them further.

The price is usually around 3.500 ISK to the BSÍ bus terminal + for 1.000 ISK you can add the transport to several hubs in the city of Reykjavík (or, you can change for the Strætó buses for 470 ISK if you wish).

From Keflavík to Reykjavík by TAXI:

The quickest and most comfortable transport is usually by taxi. You can go when you want and where you want. Minimal time on idle, convenience on top.

The price is usually (according to where you go) is around 20.000 ISK and if you go 4 people, the price for a taxi vs. the direct buses is not so mindblowing. You can get your taxi right here.

GPS coordinates of the KEF – Keflavík international airport: 63.996874, -22.622567 Take me there!

TIP: The prices of alcohol in Iceland are astronomical, so if you want to buy some beer/wine/spirit, better do it before you exit the tax free zone. Later, it might cost you a fortune! (see here other tips on how to save money in Iceland).


Photos of the KEF – Keflavík international airport:

Keflavík international airport

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