Dynjandi (“thunderous”) (a.k.a. Fjallfoss “mountain waterfall”) is the most monumental of the Icelandic waterfalls and the pearl of the Westfjords. Dynjandi is not the most visited or admired of Icelandic waterfalls only because it is so far away from the main touristic routes in Iceland. Many of the everything-in-a-week tourists do not want to spend extra days in the Westfjords and waste time traveling on its dirt roads. However, if you want to experience the real unspoiled Icelandic nature, you still can here. You have to earn this waterfall and for sure it will reward you. Dynjandi is unforgettable. Trust me.

Additionally, as a bonus to Dynjandi, you´ll get another 7 different waterfalls downstream from Dynjandi. They are: Bæjarfoss, Hundafoss, a bit away is Kvíslarfoss, then Hrísvaðsfoss, Göngumannafoss, the more than 20 meter tall Strompgljúfrafoss and finally Hæstahjallafoss.

Highly recommended!

How to find and get to the Dynjandi waterfall:

If you come by road no. 60 from Ísafjörður, you cannot miss Dynjandi in any case, because you´ll see it straight ahead of you for about 14 kilometers once you reach the ocean. You won´t miss it from the opposite side either, just park your vehicle at the parking lot, and from here, take a short hike up to the waterfall (if you like).

Apart from option no. 1 described above, you can explore the Dynjandi water from above. In this case, park your car on road no. 60 at GPS: 65.732910, -23.164233 and continue by foot down the river for about 25 minutes. There you can enjoy not only the Dynjandi waterfall from totally new perspective, but magical views of the Borgarfjörður fjord as well. It is time and energy well spent going there!!
GPS coordinates of the Dynjandi waterfall: 65.732688, -23.199117 Take me there!

Some photos of Dynjandi:

Dynjandi – a video:

At ‘The most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland’ – Dynjandi appears at 1:02: